BIGLY Bad News for Trump as Pressure Builds on Cohen

Michael Cohen Phone
The heat is rising on Trump’s fixer, Michael Cohen, to flip.

Donald Trump’s tenuous legal situation just was dealt a major blow, as the pressure is rising acutely on his personal attorney and “fixer,” Michael Cohen, to roll on Trump and cooperate with federal prosecutors.

Multiple media outlets report that Cohen is seeking new legal counsel. Specifically, the New York Times reported, “the issue is primarily over payment of the legal bills of one of his lawyers.” Meaning: Cohen apparently is running out of cash to pay his legal bills (as is Paul Manafort).

Notably, Trump’s disgraced former national security advisor and convicted felon, Michael “Misha” Flynn, started a legal defense fund to raise cash RIGHT BEFORE HE FLIPPED.

NBC’s Katy Tur reported that Michael Cohen “expects to be arrested soon.” Tur added that a source close to Cohen said, “his lawyers got a call from lawyers at SDNY saying they were preparing paperwork” to indict Cohen.

Even worse for Trump, ABC news reports that sources say that Cohen is “likely to cooperate with federal prosecutors.”

Some sources report that Cohen may be sending smoke signals to Trump via the media in an attempt to receive a pardon. However, presidential pardons do not apply to state crimes, albeit New York’s double-jeopardy rule currently prohibits state prosecutors from charging someone who pleads guilty or is convicted of a federal crime and then is pardoned by the president. Regardless, even if Trump pardons his “fixer” Cohen, then federal prosecutors can compel Cohen to testify AGAINST Trump, as Cohen no longer can invoke the Fifth Amendment, because there would be no risk of self-incrimination after a pardon.

If Cohen cuts a deal and rolls on Trump, this is BIGLY bad news, and not just for Trump. Cohen told Judge Wood that he had three clients: Trump, the Trump Organization, and…SEAN HANNITY.

Judge Kimba Wood, who is overseeing Cohen’s federal case in the Southern District of New York (SDNY), appointed former federal judge Barbara Jones to serve as a “special master” to review materials seized during no-knock raids of Cohen’s home, office, and hotel room. Of the first 300,000 items reviewed, Jones determined that just 162 items (only 0.05%) were covered by attorney-client privilege and cannot be viewed by federal prosecutors. Thus, federal prosecutors now have access to the remaining 99.95% of Cohen’s seized materials.

With this latest news that Cohen may be preparing to cooperate with federal prosecutors, Trump, his three eldest children (Don Jr., Eric, and Ivanka “Kremlin Barbie”) and Hannity likely are feeling extremely nervous.

Get ready for more rage-tweeting by Trump, because justice is coming for him and the rest of “Team Traitor”!





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